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About Me

I like to think of myself as more a creative person with geek tendencies. I really enjoy things the stimulate my senses. It can be sight, sound and even touch. It just so happens that lot of these things spill over into technological aspects. Music gets played over my sound system at home. Same with movies. There are even video games that stimulate many senses at once.

I use the computer a lot to create. Even my physically drawn lines get put into the computer to be finished. I find it simpler and cheaper than going and out and buying up all sorts of art supplies.


I was born in Pierre, SD on November, 19th 1977 and given the name Al Steffen. Most of my life was spent on a farm just north of there. There was never a lot to do, and I never did do a lot of traveling due to the nature of farm life and the work it requires. I did the basic farm kid things: ran around, climbed trees, pestered the animals, etc. It was a simple life.

Later in life, I developed a love for comic strips. I would constantly go over to one of my neighbor’s house and read their newspaper’s funny pages. I also loved going to my aunts house in Red Owl, SD and reading the compiled collections of Garfield. I just loved the simple and silly humor at the time.

Eventually I started drawing myself. It started with copying panels from comic books and evolving into making my own characters and strips. Soon my adulthood dreams of being an astronaut were replaced with that of being a cartoonist. Ah, the naivety of youth.

Eventually, Garfield got boring to me. It was far too repetitive and the panels and drawing even started looking the same. Thankfully I found Calvin and Hobbes. It was the most creative and inspiring comic that I had and still have ever read. The artwork and style were amazing and the depth of the stories and characters were nothing I have ever read before. It is one of the few things that still fuels my creative desires.


To put it simply, I made the term/name up. It means nothing. I could jsut spew a line of bullshit and tell you otherwise, but why waste either of our time and energy with it.