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About the Site was started quite a few years ago and the first domain that I bought with me in mind. It was when I was just starting to learn about web development and I wanted a place to store all those things about me and practice all this “cool” web design stuff.

It has gone through many redesigns and had fluctuating content and random and inconsistent updates. It has been host to web comics, galleries, forums and (of course) a blog. I am sure it will continue to change and evolve as I do. is probably one of the best learning experiences I have ever had.

Backend Functionality

The site is hosted on a great hosting service named Site5. They provide a hell of a lot of space for a hell of a price. This is not to mention they provide Ruby and Ruby on Rails support. They are definitely worth checking out for all the other unique services they have. The stuff I mentioned is just skimming the top.

This site currently runs on a CMS called Textpattern. It is powered by PHP and uses MySQL for the database. I am also using gallery software called Gallery. It also uses PHP and MySQL.

This is a list of the Textpattern plugins I currently use or am playing with. The ones that are inactive may not have a valid purpose in my site, but they are useful for many other things. I am just one of those types that likes new toys. More plugin can be found at the Textpattern Resources page.

zem_ir 0.5 by Threshold State
CSS/PNG image replacement plugin [inactive]
glx_code 0.3 by Johan Nilsson
Transforms a txt-file to a nice code presentation [active]
ran_tags 0.2 by Ran Aroussi
Enables tagging in your TXP-powered blog. [inactive]
asy_sitemap 0.7 by Sencer Yurdaguel
Generates a gz-compressed Google-Sitemap. [active] 1.3 by Marshall Potter
Display bookmarks as easily as TXP links. [inactive]
rss_suparchive 0.16.1 by Rob Sable
Article listings by date or by category/section
Archive menu by month or year with totals [active]
Beginning 0.6 by See Help
Automatic Excerpt Generation [active]
stw_category_tree 0.7.1 by Sandor Weisz
Displays categories into a hierarchical structure, and allows starting and stopping at prescribed depths. Plus some CSS stuff. [inactive]
rss_unlimited_categories 0.3 by Rob Sable
Enable unlimited categories (tags) per article. [inactive]
mdp_calendar 1.0 by Marshall Potter
Provides a customizable Calendar overview of posts. [active]
rss_article_edit 0.1 by Rob Sable
Add edit article links to your public site. [active]
rss_live_archive 0.5 by Rob Sable
Live archives. [inactive]
chh_if_data 0.10 by Coke Harrington
Show a block of text only if enclosed Txp tags produce some output. [active]
upm_date_archive 0.1.6 by Mary
Simple, clean and efficient date archive listings. [active]
rsx_plugins_list 1.0 by Ramanan Sivaranjan
Display a list of plugins currently installed. [active]
ied_plugin_composer 0.4 by Yura Linnyk
Write and publish plugins easily [active]
SimplePie Plugin for Textpattern 1.2 by Ryan Parman and Geoffrey Sneddon
Textpattern plugin for SimplePie: a super-fast, easy-to-use RSS and Atom parser. [active]
ako_social 0.2 by Adrian Kostrubiak
An easy way of letting people add your posts to various social bookmarking sites. [active]
rss_admin_quikpik 0.6 by Rob Sable
Admin menu interface [inactive]
zem_contact_reborn by TXP Community
Form mailer for Textpattern [inactive]
zem_contact_lang by TXP Community
Language plug-in for Zem Contact Reborn [inactive]