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Blog Software Takes Notice of Textpattern

I like Textpattern (fondly referred to as TXP by its users). It is a flexible, yet simple content management software. More oftent thatn not, it is immediately tossed into the pile of strictly blog-oriented systems out there, completely ignoring its true purpose. People never take the time to notice that TXP is first a CMS. It jsut so happens that is works quite nicely for blogs.

Many in the community have been trying to get some XML-RPC support built in for a while. Of course, there was never really any blogging software that supported it either. People made thier own additions to make TXP XML-RPC compatible, but there would always have to be some sort of workaround to make it work. Lack of support for its native markup known as Textile .

Where am I going with this? Well, I may have found a bit of software that works by I hope it does. If anything, it takes notice of TXP and how it handles XML-RPC. Although not a self-contained bit of software (it is an extention for the Firefox web browser), It seems pretty solid and feature filled.

I don’t know how compatible it is, but since it mentions TXP in the setup, it is the closest I have found yet. I will be playing with it here just to see. I will be testing to see how well Textile works and just how easily it can be used. So far it has section and category support, allowing more than 2 categories being allowed (which TXP itself does not allow). So already it is a step above other programs I have seen. I’ll run it throught the paces here, and I will report back to whoever is reading this thing.

This will probably be the most I have EVER updated my site. Should be fun.


I agree, Textpattern can be so much more than a blogging platform and is my favourite open-source CMS. It’s very flexible and it’s also really easy to write plugins for the software. With the help of some well-written community-contributed plugins, as well as some we wrote ourselves, we were able to build – a resource repository site.

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This will probably be the most I have EVER updated my site. Should be fun.

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