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Redesigning, Yet Again

As you have probably noticed, I am slowly reworking the page. I am trying to make it more up to web standards and make it more attractive. I am also going to be putting up my old web comics. This is a chore in and of itself since I am attempting to use a system that really wasn’t intended for comic publishing.

As far as web standards go, it is coming along nicely. If you remove all styling, the page is still very readable and easy to navigate. It isn’t nearly as pretty, but it should be really nice for those text-based browser people. I personally don’t know why anyone with a text-based browser would look at this site, but it is good practice for me. Read more...

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It Lives

The three people that actually check this page every so often know I like to redesign my page. I historically seem to redesign it more than I post on it. All in all, my page is more of an experiment in design than it is an expression of thoughts. As much of a pain as it is, I find web design very enjoyable. It is the main reason I am the organizer of the Denver Webdesign Meetup. Some even say I should try to get an actual job doing it beings I am quite proficient at it. Read more...

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My First Art Trading Card

Trading It all started when I attended a Dumpster Diving Meetup with my girlfriend. I really have no interest at all in dumpster diving, but we usually attend most of these meetups together beings you never know who is going to be there. A source of security for both of us I guess.

We noticed when we got to the artist’s studio (Jerry Simpson’s studio to be specific) that there were everal Meetups happening that night there. Nothing wierd about that really, for I operate multiple Meetups myself and schedule them for the same time and place. One of them was called Artists Trading Cards, and it piqued our curiosity. After asking Jerry about it, we decided to stay for it. Read more...

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A Mild Bit of Progress & a New Toy

This is taking far longer than I expected. I should have guessed this sort of thing would happen though. Whenever I want to do something and make plans to do so, all sorts of other shit comes up.

First I get sick on the weekend i wnat to do it, and then I get busy with work and extracurriculars so that my free time is sucked to nil the week following. It is a pain in the ass, I tell you. Technically, it is not big worry. It is not as though I am losing money over it. This page is mostly a platform for my CSS tinkering. Read more...

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It is Coming Along

The redesign is coming along nicely, but still needs major work yet. All this is due to the fact I was sick on Saturday, so i only really got one day to work on it instead of the two as planned.

Some of the things that need work are simple, and others will take a bit more time. The simple things are the CSS for the basic tags like links, list tags, blockquotes, etc. There is also basic code cleanup which isn’t that hard to do. The graphics will take a bit more time though. The header is only tempoirary, and I need a lot more background graphics to make it look less flat. Read more...

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