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It is Coming Along

The redesign is coming along nicely, but still needs major work yet. All this is due to the fact I was sick on Saturday, so i only really got one day to work on it instead of the two as planned.

Some of the things that need work are simple, and others will take a bit more time. The simple things are the CSS for the basic tags like links, list tags, blockquotes, etc. There is also basic code cleanup which isn’t that hard to do. The graphics will take a bit more time though. The header is only tempoirary, and I need a lot more background graphics to make it look less flat.

Other than that, though, it is pretty much done. I figure as long as I have a solid day to work on it, I can have it done. I am thinking by the end of the week as long as work goes well. We will see about that though. Problems have been plaquing us lately. Just minor things, but they take time.


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