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Free Software for the Starving Artist

Many of my friends already know this, but I am a fan of open source. I haven’t gone as far to live my life Microsoft free (mainly because I have never gotten the hang of Linux), but most of my work is done on free and open source software. Art, office documents and even this website all run open source software.

Being a Windows user, this sort of software was hard to find since most of it was only available on open source platforms like Linux. In recent years though, more and more of the software has been written multiplatform. Most popular applications work on almost any current system including Windows and Mac OS X. A lot of them even open popular file formats like office documents and Photoshop files. Read more...

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Justin Ought to Get a Kick Out of This

You are Amiga OS. Ahead of your time.  You keep a lot of balls in the air.  If only your parents had given you more opportunities to suceed.

Which OS are You?

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Redesigning, Yet Again

As you have probably noticed, I am slowly reworking the page. I am trying to make it more up to web standards and make it more attractive. I am also going to be putting up my old web comics. This is a chore in and of itself since I am attempting to use a system that really wasn’t intended for comic publishing.

As far as web standards go, it is coming along nicely. If you remove all styling, the page is still very readable and easy to navigate. It isn’t nearly as pretty, but it should be really nice for those text-based browser people. I personally don’t know why anyone with a text-based browser would look at this site, but it is good practice for me. Read more...

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It Lives

The three people that actually check this page every so often know I like to redesign my page. I historically seem to redesign it more than I post on it. All in all, my page is more of an experiment in design than it is an expression of thoughts. As much of a pain as it is, I find web design very enjoyable. It is the main reason I am the organizer of the Denver Webdesign Meetup. Some even say I should try to get an actual job doing it beings I am quite proficient at it. Read more...

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Blog Software Takes Notice of Textpattern

I like Textpattern (fondly referred to as TXP by its users). It is a flexible, yet simple content management software. More oftent thatn not, it is immediately tossed into the pile of strictly blog-oriented systems out there, completely ignoring its true purpose. People never take the time to notice that TXP is first a CMS. It jsut so happens that is works quite nicely for blogs. Read more...

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